Mobile Trailer Repair in South Atlanta & Lawrenceville, Georgia

What are some important trailer maintenance tips?

1. Integrate pre-op inspections

Be sure that your daily pre-op inspection covers all aspects of your trailer as well, not just your truck. Look at your frame and body for damage, and inspect air suspensions for heat cracks and wear and tear. Check your brakes for proper alignment and pay close attention to your tires because they wear prematurely.

2, Regular lubrication

Your trailer requires regular lubrication to prevent corrosion, wear, and gear leakage. It is important to apply grease to all moving parts.

3. Check cargo storage & capacity

You don’t want to exceed your load capacity because this causes unwanted stress and wear to moving parts like the tires and brakes. Check with our team at MCL Mobile Fleet Service to confirm your model’s capacity.

4. Log minor issues and problems

Keep track of any nuisances that may be affecting your trailer. This will also save you money over time. If you notice anything wrong with your trailer give us a call.

Why should I check my trailer’s axle?

Axles are an important part of your trailer. The axle is a rod or shaft that rotates the wheels and supports the vehicle’s weight. Every trailer requires axles to operate properly. The axles control the power that provides the momentum to make the wheels turn. Many things can disrupt the axle:

  • Clocking many miles
  • Dealing with potholes
  • Poor road conditions
  • Covering uneven surfaces
  • Hauling heavy loads

Your axle should be checked for misalignment and straightened from time to time to make sure that your truck or trailer is functioning at its best. Here at  MCL Mobile Fleet Services, in South Atlanta & Lawrenceville, GA. we have all the services needed to fix your trailer axle.

Here are some other trailer repairs we can assist you with:

  • Roll Up Doors (repair & replace)
  • Floors (repair)
  • Lights (repair & replace)
  • Brakes (inspection & repair)
  • Suspension (repair & replace)

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