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Full Service Truck Repair, Full Scale Diagnostics, Medium/Heavy

Duty Oil Change & Preventative Maintenance; DOT Inspections, DPF Cleaning, Emergency

Breakdown Assistance and Fleet Maintenance.

We come to you whether you need repairs or preventative maintenance, emergency roadside assistance, or your DPF filters cleaned.

MCL Mobile Fleet Services specializes in scheduling on-site maintenance and repairs at your convenience, significantly reducing costly downtime for both vehicles and drivers. We offer a range of convenient, affordable, and all-encompassing services, including Truck Repairs, Advanced Diagnostics & Regeneration, Mobile DPF Cleaning, Preventative Maintenance, and Emergency Roadside Assistance. Our mobile capabilities allow us to perform most repairs directly at your location, often during off-peak hours, to minimize disruption to your operations. This approach enables our clients to maximize vehicle uptime, ensuring that their fleet remains operational and efficient.

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Engines, OIL CHANGE LUBES, Preventative Maintenance and Inspections

Our preventative maintenance inspection service provides a comprehensive and methodical approach to vehicle upkeep and repair, ensuring your fleet operates at peak performance. This essential program encompasses a wide range of services including Oil Changes & Lubrication, Brake Checks, Suspension Inspections & Adjustments, Electrical System Assessments, Drive Train Maintenance, Exhaust Inspections, as well as the examination of Belts, Hoses, Pulleys, Pumps, Cooling Systems, and Fluid Levels. Additionally, it offers fleet managers valuable PM (Preventative Maintenance) frequency recommendations and a detailed report of all services conducted. This meticulous inspection is designed to enhance vehicle longevity, safety, and efficiency, making it a critical component of fleet management.


Whether you need our on-site cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning with a 1 day turnaround we will save you time and money!

Enhance your vehicle's performance and lifespan with our top-tier DPF cleaning service, meticulously designed to return components to their original equipment (OE) specifications. This not only promises superior fuel efficiency but also extends the useful life of every Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Our proven Ultrasonic cleaning technique leverages exclusive high-frequency sound waves, delivering millions of impulses per second to effectively dissolve stubborn soot and ash buildup. Coupled with our specially engineered solution, we ensure thorough particle removal, preventing reattachment to the filter's cell walls. Choose DPF Alternatives for unparalleled DPF cleaning solutions, a cost-efficient alternative to expensive OEM filter replacements, optimizing both performance and longevity of your vehicle.



MCL Mobile Fleet Services, Inc., specializes in providing swift emergency roadside assistance, ensuring that, in most scenarios, your vehicle is repaired and returned to full operation promptly. This minimizes delays, eradicates the need for towing fees, reduces expensive downtime costs, and prevents interruptions to your schedule. Our expert service is designed to keep your fleet moving efficiently, saving you time and money.

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