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Mechanic performing truck exhaust repair at MCL Mobile Fleet Services

At MCL Mobile Fleet Services, we offer expert service on all kinds of diesel machines. We have a team of properly trained and qualified technicians who know how to diagnose conditions and solve difficult problems. We want to make things easy for our customers, which is why we will go above and beyond to meet your specific needs.

The main purpose of the exhaust system is to reduce the emission of toxic fumes from your vehicle, while also preventing these same harmful fumes from backing up into your truck cab. Issues with your exhaust systems could lead to decreased power, acceleration and fuel economy. The exhaust system is an intricate system. Its performance is in turn affected by other vital systems in your vehicle.

A hissing or rattling sound coming from your exhaust system is usually a warning sign that something is wrong with it. A leaking gasket or crack in the manifold, or exhaust pipe will cause a hissing sound or loud exhaust. A rattling sound usually indicates there is a misalignment in the exhaust system. 

You might not know to be concerned by this sound, but if you leave it for too long the issue will likely worsen. Repairing your exhaust does not just result in your truck sounding better, it also decreases harmful fumes being expelled into the environment. Always address problems with the exhaust as soon as possible in order to get the most budget-friendly service.

Exhaust systems directly affect the overall performance of your truck or trailer. Your acceleration and power may decrease, or the exhaust manifolds might be clogged. An exhaust leak will determine the performance of your turbo.

A good truck exhaust service includes a proper maintenance schedule and regular inspection of the exhaust system. Our professionals are available for consultations and information at any time. MCL Mobile Fleet Services is a team of devoted experts who emphasize on customer care and promote advanced technology and exhaust service solutions.

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