Mobile Truck Diagnostics & Electrical Repair Services in Georgia

Mechanic performing diesel engine diagnostics at MCL Mobile Fleet Services

Our Mobile Truck & Fleet Diagnostics & Electrical Repair Services in Georgia:

While your diesel engine is reliable it is also very complicated. Modern-day heavy-duty diesel machines boast elaborate electrical systems, and in order to guarantee peak performance, you need to seek out regular maintenance and service. Our level of diagnostics can accurately assess and diagnose the issue with your vehicle to get you back where you need to be. 

Your vehicle is intelligent and this also makes it time-consuming and hard to manage. That’s why our team of technicians is here to master your truck’s diagnostics and electrical system and tend to all the connections that you may not be able to see with your naked eye. At MCL Mobile Fleet Services we have the skills and technology to fix any needed repair. 

Our tech-savvy specialists use computer diagnostic systems to accurately locate the vehicle’s issues, which eliminates troubleshooting and allows us to focus on only what needs attention. Upon arrival, we will issue a computerized scan of your vehicle to detect any inherent issues. It is our job to find both the problem and the solution readily so that you get back on the road in no time. 

With advancements to heavy-duty trucks, luxury and style often demand that the connections of electrical systems are hidden within your vehicle’s seats, carpet, dash, and body panels. This results in the diagnosis and repair of electrical problems in being more time-consuming. Fortunately, the electronic control units (ECU) in diesel trucks give diagnostic technicians access to sensors located throughout the engine compartment that provide performance data on various components. Our team works hard to formulate and perfect productive solutions that solve immediate problems and prevent future problems from occurring. We always put the customer first, value your needs and work hard to ensure there is no disruption. We do not have any service requirements, we are prepared to work on any style of vehicle and can help with the following:

  • Batteries & Cables (repair or replace)
  • Breakers & Fuses (replace)
  • Lights (repair or replace)
  • Glow plugs (replace)
  • Starters & Alternators (replace, alternator test stand, replacement)
  • Switches (replace)
  • Wiring (check, repair, replace)

What Our Valued Customers Have to Say

Barber Lee

"Great experience doing business here. Went in for a DOT inspection and the guys did a great job, very professional and listens to clients. Will definitely visit them again for any repairs on my truck. 👍🏽"

Dennis Rodriguez

"I broke down on I85 and had my truck towed to MCL. They got my truck fixed and got me back on the road quickly. I highly recommend MCL for any repairs."

Shelia Cagle-webb

"I was able to get MCL to come out and do my DOT inspections on my yard. Such a convenience and time saver!
Shelia Cagle-Webb
Pallet Factory"

Lou Edwards

"I brought my 2018 International Box Truck in because a check engine light came on.  They had me in and out in less than an hour.  I recommend these guys because they have excellent customer service at a fair price."

Chris Todd

"MCL does all of our DOT inspections and always gives the best service. Polite on time and very helpful. Its a pleasure."

Fred Fletcher

"Replaced a major radiator hose!  Charles and Roger and Tabam (sp) were outstanding and knew their way around our Motorcoach   They got us on the road for the start of a very long vacation and trip.  Thank you for your knowledge and for your responsiveness!"

Adams Pallet

"We have struggled for several years to find a reliable mobile diesel mechanic to help service the trucks we use for our pallet recycling company. We are lucky to have finally found MCL Mobile a few months ago and have been using them ever since. They offer great value, quality service, and pleasant interactions every time. Thanks for everything MCL!"

Shawn H__d

"MCL Mobile Fleet Services did an exceptional job diagnosing problems with my DPF system. I called at least 8 other places that couldn't get to me until at least 4 hrs but MCL was there in less than an hour. Very honest people that take pride in their work."