Mobile Truck Coolant System Repair Services in Georgia

Mechanic repairing coolant system of truck at MCL Mobile Fleet Services

Why should you maintain your coolant system?

  • It keeps your vehicle at proper operating temperature
  • It prevents your engine from overheating

Coolant maintenance is even more crucial in the summer when temperatures rise. 

Proper maintenance is required for your coolant system or problems can occur that lead to your diesel engine overheating. 

Here is a list of some common concerns:

  • The thermostat isn’t functioning properly, preventing coolant from flowing to the engine
  • A blown head gasket will cause coolant to leak. When this occurs, the operating temperature will shoot up quickly and you may notice smoke coming from your truck.
  • Worn out radiator hoses and the radiator cap can crack, causing coolant to leak.
  • The water pump is leaking or has a defective impeller.
  • A cracked, broken, or loose fan belt won’t circulate coolant through the truck’s radiator.

If your coolant system is off it could damage the engine of the truck/or the EGR cooler, either of which would require much more involved repairs.

Indications that your coolant system may be experiencing issues:

  • The coolant reservoir is low
  • Steam is coming from the radiator cap
  • There is a noticeable smell of coolant
  • The truck’s temperature gauge is running above 185 degrees

If you aren’t sure what type of coolant system your truck has, bring it to our shop and we will figure it out for you. We will provide a comprehensive service schedule, let you know the right coolant to use, and ensure your vehicle is using the right concentration of coolant and water in its combination.

The service schedule that we provide you will depend on the type of antifreeze being used by your truck’s cooling system. This will help our team track the mileage benchmark for regular maintenance. You can check on your coolant at any time, and it is encouraged that while you are receiving other services you additionally check your coolant.

Here are some service solutions to address issues with the cooling system:

  • Replacing gaskets, seals, and radiator caps that are worn down or cracked.
  • Flushing out old coolant and replacing it with new.
  • Changing out cracked and damaged hoses.
  • Putting in new fan belts.
  • Repairing the reservoir tank for leaks

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