Mobile Truck Axle Repair Services in Georgia

Axle Repair Service in GA at MCL Mobile Fleet Services

Our Mobile Truck & Fleet Axle Repair Services in Georgia:

Wear and tear over time are caused by the extensive amount of force that is applied to a truck’s axle. This will especially occur if the vehicle is hauling big loads. In order to prevent your axle from becoming weak, misaligned or broken, come see us at MCL Mobile Fleet Services for routine preventative maintenance for your axle. 

Here are some indicators that an axle may need maintenance or repair:

  • When turning, the truck steering is not as smooth 
  • Vibration, instability, or wobbling in the wheels
  • When you make a turn, there is loud clicking or rumbling noise 
  • The steering feels uneven: the wheel does not return naturally to the centre, or it pulls away to one side or the other

If a truck is exhibiting any of the above symptoms, it could indicate that there is a problem with the axle. Here are some of the most common axle issues:

  • Issues with the axle spindle, including spindle failure, a cut-off spindle, or a loose spindle.
  • Worn out journal bearing, misalignment, or journal bearing failure

A lot of these problems can result in expensive repairs, which can be avoided by regular service and inspection visits. Contact us at MCL Mobile Fleet Services and we can suggest a proper maintenance schedule for your vehicle. 

When it comes to maintaining the value of the axle, here are some general service timelines that you can use as a basic reference:

  • Book axle alignment every 12 months.
  • Tire rotation and wheel balancing with scheduled axle alignment
  • Chassis lubrication every 10-15,000 miles depending on the level of usage/payload
  • Wheel bearing replacement every 85-100,000 miles, based on truck usage and other factors (bearing type, maintenance)

Aside from monopolizing regular truck maintenance, you may also have to replace and repair axle parts over time. Upon inspection, our technicians will be able to inform you of the exact parts that need repair or replacement.

Some axle service solutions include:

  • Kingpin repair or replacement
  • Axle eye repairs
  • Damaged spindle replacement
  • Brake spider plate replacement
  • Anchor pin tightening/replacement
  • Replacement of worn bushings
  • Damaged axle and knuckle repair

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