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470-321-4147 | 920 Cripple Creek Dr Lawrenceville, GA 30043



MCL Mobile Mission Statement

"We are in the business to "serve" our customers with convenient, efficient, affordable vehicle service and maintenance for those who live and work in our market. We aspire to provide the highest level of service that we can, act with integrity in all of our dealings and to inspire our customers to speak positively about us to others, and to continue to enjoy doing business with us for many years and generations to come"

GUARANTEES Quality, trust, and reliability that is synonymous with the Richard Petty brand.
12 month 12,000 miles parts and labor

  • MCL Mobile Fleet Services, Inc is Fully Insured backed by Garage keepers and general liability insurance coverage as well as vehicle insurance
  • All products meet vehicle specifications
  • Unique Power Oil Drain System Available
  • National Parts, Products & Labor Guarantee
  • Experienced ASE Certified Diesel & Gas Technicians
  • Clean & Environmentally Friendly
  • Family owned & Operated
  • Integrity Always!

DPF Filters & DPF Cleaning - Full 1 year or Lifetime Guarantee backed by DPF Alternatives

We proudly stand behind our ultrasonic cleaning for one year from the date of service, regardless of the number of hours or miles put on your engine. All ultrasonically cleaned Diesel Particulate Filters will receive unlimited free cleanings for twelve months from the date of your original cleaning, as long as you continue to own that vehicle or piece of equipment.

OUR PROMISE stands strong for all vehicle owners who follow the required manufacturer's maintenance schedule, and is only void if your filter becomes contaminated by oil and/or fuel, is cleaned or serviced by any non-DPF Alternatives service center, or is damaged in any way such that it is no longer a properly functioning filter.