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MCL Fleet Services | Atlanta, GA. | D.O.T. Inspections Fast and Affordable

Downtime? We Only Know Showtime!

We know that D.OT, inspections can be scarier than a horror movie but fear not, we are here to help you get past it with quickness, and as inexpensive as we can. As a small business with our own fleet, we know that every minute a vehicle is not on the road is also a kick right in the checkbook. That's why our service is faster than a greased lightning bolt.

We do the wrenching , you do the driving.

At MCL Mobile Fleet Services, we live by a simple motto: "We do the wrenching, you do the driving." Our expert team takes the hassle and headache out of maintaining your fleet, ensuring every vehicle passes DOT inspections with flying colors. Breaking down in the greater Atlanta area can be dangerous, let alone expensive. From preventative maintenance to emergency repairs, we handle the nitty-gritty details of fleet management so you can focus on what you do best—keeping your business moving forward. With state-of-the-art diagnostics, a team of seasoned mechanics, and a commitment to quality, we're not just servicing your vehicles; we're ensuring your peace of mind on the road. Let us take care of the wrenching, while you steer your company towards success.

Big Facts: Preventive Maintenance is CHEAPER than Repairs

MCL Mobile Fleet Services has helped many fleet owners and trucking businesses stay on the road. Parked trucks are not profitable trucks. Regular check-ups and maintenance work not only extend the lifespan of your vehicles but also prevent the need for costly, extensive repairs down the line. By identifying and addressing minor issues before they escalate, we help you avoid the downtime and hefty bills that come with major repairs.

D.O.T. Inspections

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