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Join Us Saturday 03/02/2024 Online for Media Day

Media Day Showcases The Changes to MCL Mobile Fleet Services

Join us this Saturday at 12:30 as we showcase some of the new and exciting things we are doing at MCL Mobile Fleet Services to help more commercial fleet owners in the greater Atlanta Area. It is a short 15- minute meet and greet, and we ask that everyone in attendance online join us, and learn how you can help get the word out across town using Facebook. We hope to see you there!

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FAQ- Media Day:

Q- is it free? A- Yes

Q- do I have to be on camera? A- No , you can join without a camera on

Q- Do I have to have any special equipment? - A- Nope

Q- Do I have to download an app or zoom? A- Nope, it runs with a google link

Q- What are we going to do? A- Discuss sharing and tagging the new Facebook page to help a locally owned business go viral on Facebook.

How to join?

Media day starts at 12:30 PM on Saturday 03/02/2024

You may use the button or copy and paste this link into your phone or computer's browser: MCL Mobile Media Day brought to you by Metromedia, meet the new MCL mobile Fleet Service Platform