Peterbilt Truck Repair: Essential Services Required To Keep Your Peterbilt Truck on the Road

Peterbilt Truck Repair: Essential Services Required To Keep Your Peterbilt Truck on the Road

Peterbilt trucks are known for their versatility and durable structure. Although these trucks have a reputation for not breaking down, that reputation only stands if proper maintenance is undertaken on a routine basis. To help you maintain your Peterbilt truck, we’ve put together a list of 4 essential services that are essential to keeping your Peterbilt truck on the road. 

Preventive Maintenance for Peterbilt Trucks

Preventive maintenance is the first and arguably most essential service that must be performed on your Peterbilt truck. Preventive maintenance is designed to proactively identify small issues before they become major concerns. On top of that, it’s also a way to routinely prevent issues from happening. Common examples of preventive maintenance include routinely changing your oil and fluids, swapping out worn filters, and inspecting your systems for rust, leaks, or signs of premature wear. 

At MCL Mobile Fleet Services, we offer a wide array of preventive maintenance services that are bound to keep your Peterbilt running smoothly for years to come. 

After-Treatment Service for Peterbilt Trucks

After-treatment is another essential service for Peterbilt trucks. When left unchecked, after-treatment issues can cascade and cause significant damage to your truck’s various systems. For example, if your EGR system’s primary valve seizes and isn’t fixed right away, you could face severe engine issues that will cascade the longer the issue is left unchecked. Same goes for a clogged Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), SCR Catalyst, and DOC Catalyst. 

Drum Brake Service for Peterbilt Trucks

Drum brakes are an important part of your Peterbilt heavy-duty truck and are responsible for bringing your truck to a stop on a regular basis. In order to keep your brakes in pristine operating condition, you must routinely inspect how much life your brake pads have left. Without proper brake pad changes, your brake performance will gradually deteriorate until they’re completely ineffective. On top of this, you must also routinely inspect and adjust your slack adjusters. Slack adjusters take up the slack as your brake pads wear down, but if they malfunction, your brakes will perform significantly worse than they should. 

Suspension Service for Peterbilt Trucks

Heavy-duty suspensions are responsible for supporting the weight of your Peterbilt truck, and its cargo, meaning maintenance and repair is of the utmost importance. You must ensure your airbags or leaf springs are in pristine condition because they’re the sole source of strength in your truck’s suspension. Leaf springs can rust, and airbags can come out of alignment or get punctured. Aside from this, you must also maintain your shock absorbers. Peterbilt and every other truck on the road use shock absorbers to absorb impacts and vibrations from the road. They can leak from their upper and lower seals, so be sure to inspect them routinely. 

Final Thoughts

By ensuring your truck is proactively maintained and your brakes, suspension, and after-treatment systems are in good working order, you’ll greatly reduce your chances of a breakdown. Peterbilt trucks are strong, but they’re not immune to neglect! For more information, feel free to contact us here at MCL Mobile Fleet Services today! 

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