Liftgates: Benefits & Common Repairs (Heavy Duty Trucks)

Liftgates: Benefits & Common Repairs (Heavy Duty Trucks)

Year after year, the number of injuries in workers handling and transferring materials increases.  Many of these injuries are preventable, and can be completely avoided with the implementation of a few simple safety and maintenance measures! Truck liftgates are an often overlooked safety tool that many fleets can easily install. Not only do liftgates make it simpler and safer for employees to load the freight into the rear of their vehicles, but they also provide convenience for companies without docks or access to forklifts! 

Why should you install a liftgate? 

You can experience numerous benefits by installing a liftgate on your truck. Let's deep dive and take a look at what those benefits are: 

  • The effectiveness and security of loading operations will both improve. 
  • We can reduce wasteful spending and improve performance by increasing efficiency. 
  • The trucks will have a greater ability to load and unload at a dock or grade-level door. 
  • When carrying large or heavy goods, workers are less likely to sustain an injury. 
  • Damage may be minimized by loading and unloading your goods correctly. 

How can I tell if my liftgate needs repair? 

Your heavy-duty truck's liftgate is just as susceptible to deterioration as any other part of your truck. It may, however, have a long service life ahead of it with careful maintenance! 

You can detect a few typical liftgate problems when evaluating your unit. If any of the symptoms listed below manifest, there may be a problem with one or more of the following components of this crucial device.

  • The motor is ineffective
  • The platform sinks even with smaller loads
  • Hydraulic cylinders and hoses are leaking
  • Operation is excessively sluggish
  • You feel jerky movement when in operation (even if everything else seems OK)

Common liftgate mechanical issues

Each component of the intricate liftgate mechanisms must function together. These systems have some common mechanical issues that you can look out for:

  • Bent struts 
  • Corrosion or leaks from poor pipe connections
  • Hoses installed incorrectly, 
  • Pressure valves/cylinders malfunctioning, 
  • Motor unit performance issues 

What are the advantages of a liftgate maintenance service? 

Due to liftgates often being utilized for demanding tasks, they need to have regular maintenance and repairs performed. It is important to source a service company that has experience not only with heavy-duty trailer repair, but also has the knowledge and capacity to provide liftgate service. A regular preventative maintenance schedule is essential in maximizing the lifespan of a liftgate.  Ensure that your liftgate is properly maintained also ensure that the operators have a safe working environment. Preventive maintenance services involve a technician inspecting your equipment to confirm that all components are lubricated, monitoring fluid levels and repairing any minor issues before they become serious problems.  

Maintenance advice for truck liftgates 

Truck liftgates should always get expert repair work from a qualified technician. These quick maintenance procedures may increase the equipment's lifetime and reduce your overall expenses. 

A few actions may keep your liftgate operating efficiently: 

  • Each manufacturer offers specific instructions for maintaining and checking their line of truck liftgates. 
  • Preventative maintenance is essential to find small issues before anything more significant occurs. 
  • Regular inspections will make it easier to keep track of the equipment’s performance. 

Operators must get training and know how to use the liftgate effectively. They should also do daily visual inspections so that any abrupt failures or obvious truck problems may be reported right away before heading out on the road.

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