Freightliner Truck Engine Repair Warnings And Indicators - Ultimate Guide

Freightliner Truck Engine Repair Warnings And Indicators - Ultimate Guide

As the operator of a Freightliner heavy-duty truck, it’s critical that you understand the various dashboard warning lights. These indicators are intended to help you identify possible issues with your rig and assist you in keeping up with essential maintenance. 

With the development of technology, warning lights seem to be multiplying. However, each caution light turns on for a purpose when your truck needs service or repair. Depending on the make and type of a truck, different warning lights have other symbols and locations on the dash. However, the most typical warning lights seen in most Freightliner heavy-duty trucks are listed below. 

Engine check/warning 

There is a "check engine" light on every Freightliner heavy-duty truck. This warning light indicates that a problem code has been generated after the engine has completed a self-diagnostics check. 

Sometimes, there are other warning lights that accompany the check engine light which can help narrow down the issue.  A competent technician will need diagnostics to check your engine to identify the problem if just the check engine light is on. 

Fuel gauge 

The fuel gauge is always visible on your dashboard. Usually, this gauge will be adjacent to an image of a fuel pump, and there will be an additional light that turns on when you are low on fuel. Because it is so crucial that you do not run out of fuel, this warning light is important to pay attention to when it illuminates.  

The fuel warning light is programmed to turn on before you run out of diesel. While it differs across manufacturers, the light generally turns on when your tank is getting low. Nevertheless, it would help if you always filled up your tank well before the fuel warning sign comes on. 

Oil pressure 

There should be worries when an oil pressure warning light appears. Keep your cool and pull over as soon as possible to investigate why the light is on. The leading cause of this warning light coming on is that the engine oil level is too low. Usually, simply topping up the oil will resolve this issue.  However, it can mean the oil's viscosity is either too low or too high. It may even indicate that your vehicle needs an oil change or that the engine is showing wear symptoms. 


Freightliner heavy-duty trucks use ABS and air brakes (anti-lock braking system). These highly advanced braking systems significantly shorten big trucks' stopping distance. You should check your braking system immediately if you have a warning light indicating a problem. Poor brakes may endanger your life and the lives of other drivers. 

Tire pressure 

Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are included in recent Freightliner heavy-duty trucks and indicate that the pressure could have fallen below the advised minimum. This alerts you that one or more of your tires need extra air. Sometimes there is no warning, such as a blowout, when the tire pressure indicator comes on.

Your tires should have a pressure check as soon as you can. Under-inflated tires are more likely to wear or fail, and it increases fuel consumption. 

Voltage alert 

The condition of your battery is often indicated by one or both two warning lights. If a battery is not charging correctly, some models may have a warning light, and others may have a different light to signal an electrical failure. It won't take long until your truck doesn't start if your battery isn't charged enough. 

The alternator is one potential cause of a failed battery. Your truck’s alternator is an electric generator that powers the electrical system and charges the battery while the engine operates. Another option is that your battery is just nearing the end of its life. 

Seatbelts and airbags 

Two of the most important safety elements that will protect you from injury in the case of an accident are airbags and seatbelts. It is essential to get your truck into a shop for service if either of these warning lights is on. 


Your Freightliner may have one, or several, transmission-related warning lights. The most frequent transmission issues are low fluid, low pressure, or an excessive temperature increase. Similar to the last warning, this one also requires a prompt response. 


As you can see from the information above, it's critical to be familiar with the Freightliner heavy-duty truck dashboard warning lights to secure your safety and the safety of other road users. Get the help of an expert to fix all these issues promptly and get your heavy-duty truck back on the road. 

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