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Fleet Management and Emergency Breakdown Assistance

Fleet Management and Emergency Breakdown Assistance


MCL Mobile Fleet Services, Inc takes pride in being convenient, cost-effective and comprehensive. We are solution driven and easy to work with and our main goal is to keep your vehicle on the road is a budget friendly manner.

No longer is there a need to take a vehicle and driver off the road to sit and wait for service at a fixed-site location because WE COME TO YOU - whether you need road side assistance, regular schedule or by appointment. Servicing vehicles on-site saves costly vehicle and driver down time.


MCL Mobile Fleet Services, Inc provides emergency road service. In most cases we will have your vehicle repaired and back in operation with a minimum of delay, eliminating towing charges, costly down-time expense and schedule disruptions.


Our preventative maintenance inspection offers a systematic and thorough approach to vehicle maintenance and repair. This program includes inspection of brakes, suspension, electrical system, drive train, exhaust, belts, hoses, pulleys, pumps, cooling system and fluids. This inspection also provides the fleet manager with PM frequency recommendations and report of services performed.

SOFTWARE We use specialized computer software that includes calendar management, tracking PM, DOT schedules and full-scale diagnostics. We can furnish reports that save fleet manager and operation team's time. This also allows you to analyze your costs with less time. Examples: Vehicle labor and parts operations, sales reports, vehicle expenses, recommended repairs.


Think about it, what can be more convenient than having MCL Mobile Fleet Services, Inc bring the service to you...when you need it? You don't bring your fleet vehicles to us for service. We come to you when you need us- routinely or in emergencies. Your personnel can do what they're paid for - productive work. Your vehicles can do what they're purchased for - stay on schedule, without downtime for service when they should be on the road.

Our charges are more than competitive, and our mechanics are qualified to service all of your equipment from oil changes to engine work and brakes. And 85% of all mechanical work can be done right from our fully equipped trucks at your site.